Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Visiting Dojos in 2008

While training at other centers during the holiday period, I've notice something important. I can see several commonalities between schools. I notice that in all schools, people train in a cooperative manner. This is great as I've heard that there are some schools that are competition based and might not be suitable for casual rollers.

I acknowledge the importance of a good instructor, on the other hand, I felt that students play an equally important role. In order to improve, I need good training partners. Therefore, depending on my training goal for that day, I would want a partner that can give me a hard time and at the same time go easy on me. What I mean is that having a good mix of experience grapplers and less experience ones makes a great combo. I believe that having a good instructor is a small but important fraction of the learning process, the rest is up to the student.

As for the instructor, I believe his main purpose is to teach, guide and motivate the students. Usually, the instructor is a role model for the students. However, I don't advocate being a photostat of my instructor because I believe each one of us are unique and don't necessary have the same physical limitations.

My schedule in 2009 is definitely going to be challenging as I am switching jobs. Along with the expectations of being a new father soon. There will be many obstacles to overcome in order to keep the same routine up.

New Name, Same Blog

They say you need to evolve and change with times. Well, for starters, I've drop the porn sounding URL to add more flavor to my spanking new BJJ Blog. Call it what you like, I'm blogging about my extra hot curry laksa BJJ experience in and around 'Boleh Land'. Yes, there are not many of us around..yet. Let's see how it goes, maybe this site will attract more interest in the sport. I'm going to try to keep it to the theme. Mainly about my BJJ experience or any other martial experience I may encounter along the way...

My goal is to share my thoughts as I go along discovering my martial journey...