Sunday, March 15, 2009

What's being Happening

I started doing CM once a week now. It's certainly refreshing to learn something new, for me that is. I mean, I never boxed in my life. I did attempt to pick it up a couple of times in the past, but sadly, it never made an impact on me. Starting CM was like a welcoming breeze. The class is well structured and catered to the participant needs. Never in my life, I've seen a MA class conducted in such a fashion. Fantastic! the class offers a friendly atmosphere to learn new stuff in a fun and safe manner.

My colleague and I got together during office hours. Yes, you heard me right, 'office hours' and I hope my boss don't stumble on my blog, to do a few rounds of light rolls at our office gym. Thanks to the Capoiera guys, the club decided to invest in jigsaw mats :) We rolled for an hour last Friday at 3pm when others were busy finishing off their work for the week.

Just the other day, I visited my Aikido sensei of more than 15years. He opened a new dojo in Puchong. Nice place, lots of room to roll. He even invited me to teach BJJ there! I had to politely decline his offer since I do not think I am ready to teach at the moment. Further more, I prefer to sweat it out myself than watch others have all the fun. At the moment, time is of the essence for me and I have way enough commitments in my life already. The thing about traditional MA is that teaching is suppose to be an honor. I on the contrary don't look at it that way. I do understand that teaching gives some people a sense of satisfaction, which is good. I have no problems in that.. my sense of satisfaction is when I've learnt something and had a good workout for the day..

I watched my Aikido sensei teach the class on a lazy Sunday afternoon. The students were made out of teens and elderly adults, all of them beginners. The techniques are pretty much the same. Same drills, same moves, same philosophy. Nothing changed. While I understand that repetition is part of perfecting a technique, I just wish that traditional MA evolved. I hardly see techniques change, let alone their methods of training. Most traditional MAs think that what have been thought by the founder is absolute. I am pretty sure if Morihei was still alive he would incorporate new techniques. Anyway, for me, I've moved on...and I'm glad I did...

Other than that, I'll be expecting my baby girl anytime this month or latest next month :-)


  1. Hi Rizan, I sparred with u d other day at Dings. U know the no-gi bloke haha. I must admit I admired your smoothness in d mat. I wanted to be a bit aggresive but since u said no neck crank coz ur neck was sore, I just going easy, too easy relax and easy I think that I got caught easily with ur choke. I could have gone wild and explosive like I rolled with Mandeng, jumping, twisting, escaping like nobody's business haha. Ok, nice to see ur blog. Hopefully I have the chance to rolled with u again next time. There's a lot I can learn from you. Thanks

  2. Hi Dom,

    Hey man! Good thing you weren't aggressive coz I prefer to have a controlled roll. Just so we don't injure each other. Thank You so much for the compliment. It's comments such as these that keeps me wanting to train more! Hope to roll with you again.