Thursday, January 29, 2009

Lunar New Year Practice

The gym is closed for another week. Instead of lazing back, my colleague and I decided to do some training at our company gym. We headed to the aerobics hall at lunch time. Laid out some yoga and exercise mats, wore our Dogi and commence drilling a few moves. Since the mats weren't thick enough we had to keep it low to the ground, avoiding take downs or any sudden move that might cause us to crash head first.

We had the curtains separating the gym and aerobics area drawn down so we had more privacy. About 30 mins into our roll. Someone drew open the curtains. At that time I was on about to mount my colleague when I notice a small crowd standing in front of us gawking and whispering.."what are they doing??...". I looked up and jokingly said "Sorry for the indecency, we are just wrestling...". To my surprise, one of the guy asked "Are you guys doing Brazilian jiu-jitsu??". I smiled and said " are welcome to join us". He smiled and watched us trying to strangle each other. Good thing I wasn't playing guard. Anyway, the crowd soon dispersed.

After a few mins, the same guy walked in on us again. This time he apologize for disturbing, I mentioned to him that it's no harm and he's free to walk about or even join us. He told me, "I do Aikido, falling and tumbling is norm for me". He asked me a series of questions "Where do you practice? How often do you teach? Is it under Sensei xxxx". I said "Sorry, no, I don't know him..We practice at KDT and No, I am not an instructor we are both practitioners from the same academy". He then proceeded to the punching bag next to us and started kicking it. For a moment there, I was wondering if he was trying to make a point...Anyway, I continued strangling my colleague.

Our roll lasted about an hour 30 mins. Far pass our 1 hour allocated lunch break :-) We soon dispersed and told ourselves that we would do this more often. The thing is I'm quite apprehensive when people ask us what the heck are we doing. I feel like telling 'em we are doing Judo since not many people heard of BJJ. They might think 2 gay guys trying to make out..Baaaah...who cares what people think!