Friday, June 19, 2009

What's It Going To Be?

This is the first post since my daughter was born on 13th April 2009. Practice have been regular for the past 6 months of this year. Thank God, despite being a new parent with a new job, I still manage to keep to my routine. I have to admit, it can be tough after attending multiple late night conference calls. I also have to thank my wife for being so understanding of my hobbies. I hold true to the saying, "If there's a will, there's a way!"

On the front, I was recently awarded 2 stripes by my BJJ coach. While I felt very honored being promoted. I also noticed that I'm more confident with my game. I'm actually steering myself towards my prime years. I foresee myself coaching others in about 3-4 years time. Hopefully then, I would be a competent martial artist to carry out my blond ambition. My goal is to teach people that really need help. I hope to be able to coach at secondary schools/universities or ymca where I can reach out to the community.

Being a dad really made my life seem more meaningful. I'm not sure how this had had effected the way I roll. Since I've always been very mindful of my training partner, by nature, I'm a laid back person (at times). I guess it goes a long way since I intend to make this a long term hobby instead of switching to golf :-)

Lastly, I've received a couple of compliments from fellow BJJers. A few have said they really enjoyed rolling with me because I'm mindful and do not use unnecessary force. Others also say that I'm gentle yet technical. Geeez, I'm not sure how true that really is but heck, it really motivates me to train more!