Friday, July 31, 2009

Downtime for July

Haven't been for BJJ class since I sprain my knee in early July. I could hardly bend my right knee after hyper flexing it during no-gi practice. Strangely, I had a feeling that I was going to get hurt that night since I was clueless. I hardly spar no-gi so it figures. I was sitting on my knees and my partner tried an anaconda and I fell sideways and backwards resulting in hyper flexing my right knee joint. The Dr said it was nothing too serious and that my MCL was sprained and I needed lots of rest.

It took over 3 weeks to recover. During this time, I spent rehabilitating myself in the comforts of my home. I swam and did specific weight training exercises for my upper body. I brisk walked, progressively moved to running once I could bent my knee completely. I feel much better now and positive that I should be able to return for practice in Aug. However, I wish to recommence gradually to avoid over straining it. I learn it the hard way, I tried to return to practice too soon. My knee obviously wasn't fully recovered and I felt pain after class, even though I was very careful and did not push myself.

I'm planning to commence practice with some CM. Looking forward to Rodney's King seminar next week. So no hard core stuff or any fancy moves for the next month or two. Will have to keep that in mind and also remind my training partners...